GuitarBytes was in idea conceived by Darren Dutson Bromley along with friend and musician Anthony Otyehel as a vehicle to bring more professional tutorials on guitar techniques with the use of video podcasts and iBooks (or PDFs where available). Read on to find out more about us.

Our aim has always been to provide video podcasts that cover Jazz, Blues and Contemporary guitar styles and a variety of playing techniques.

Launching in 2012, we created a 52 week podcast series for free over a year. This took a lot of work and personal finance to bring to life. It became apparent that we couldn’t keep the website going or produce any new content without charging a small amount for the excellent content that we provide.

So we have moved the 52 week podcast series into the website and called it 52 weeks to better jazz guitar. This was a very successful series of video podcast lessons that have helped hundreds of people, and we thank them for their support.

Now we hope to offer more online video series’ from Darren as well as some from some of the UK’s leading Jazz guitarists such as Remi Harris and Adrian Ingram to mention a few. We always aim to keep our pricing reasonable, and at 99p per video podcast lesson which is always accompanied by detailed notes, we feel that this is great value for money.

We will also be bringing back our popular Lick of the Week video series (starting with some of our originals) and then moving into new ones as we progress.

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