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Lick of the Week #5 : Bossa Nova

Lick of the week 05

This weeks lick is more an example of a bossa nova chord sequence rather than a single note phrase. It is ideally played finger style but it is perfectly possible to play it with pick and fingers.


Lick of the Week #6 : ‘Rhythm changes’ in Bb

Lick of the week 06

This weeks lick is fits over the ‘rhythm changes’ sequence in Bb. The lick is rooted in the blues rather than accurately mirroring each of the chords. This approach can be heard in players such as George Benson and Kenny Burrell…


Lick of the Week #11 : Two ‘Wes Montgomery’ licks

Lick of the week 11

Here are a couple of effective licks by the great guitarist Wes Montgomery. A simple idea, but one that Wes used to great effect was playing a major 7th arpeggio over a dominant 7th chord, the root of which lies a tone below that of the dominant…


Lick of the Week #14 : A Harmonised Run in Gm

Lick of the week 14

It is possible to approach any chord with its dominant, this can be an effective way of creating harmonic momentum over static progressions. This weeks lick isn’t necessarily meant to be played as a lick but rather shows how this idea can be used to create an effective harmonised melody…